12" x 18" Poster of Brad Walker

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12" x 18" poster of Brad Walker jumping. Great color image of your favorite pole vaulter, buy now and have them ready for your next pole vault event.

These posters are made to last.....

Our new full-color, double-sided Poster products are printed on premium cover stock and come standard with UV coating giving them an extra sheen and making them more durable. Posters are ideal for promotions and special event keepsakes such as river vaults, beach vaults, music festivals and fundraisers.

  • Available in 12″ x 18″ or 18″ x 12″ trim sizes
  • Full-color professional printing on 80# premium cover stock paper
  • Standard UV Coating front and back for increased durability

** 1/2 of all proceeds from each of these posters sold go directly to the pole vaulter in the picture **

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