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It’s March, and many of you college-aged athletes have just finished off your indoor season! Time to regroup and get ready for the outdoor season that will soon be upon us. About the same for high school and at the Elite level we just finished off the USATF National Championships.

On the cover, we have another article written by Stuart Kantor about the two high flying men's pole vaulters at Baylor University. K.C. Lightfoot and Riley Richards. Both of which have had an amazing season already and plan to finish off the outdoor season with and an even bigger splash. "From Kendra Phelps to Annie Rhodes.

From Todd Cooper to Bill Payne. Baylor pole vault has a long and stellar tradition of producing top-notch collegiate vaulters. This tradition has blossomed with the current crop of vaulters, most notably the 1-2 punch of freshman KC Lightfoot and sophomore Riley Richards. " Sure to be worth the read and give you a whole new insight into the vault world known as Texas Pole Vault.

2018 IAAF Pole Vault Biomechanics Report is the discussion of the month for Kreager Taber. She is so into this cool Biomechanics stuff, and you will be able to notice this fact right away. "If all goes perfectly in a vault, modern pole vault poles can return approximately 95% of the energy initially stored in the pole. However, with every technical inefficiency, more energy is lost. Previous research has shown that most internationally competitive vaulters can create 1-5 J/kg of body weight of net energy gain during their jumps to combat energy that may be lost due to inefficiency. " Man, this is some truly worth reading information. Thank you!

John Clark that Master’s Vaulter out of Texas is writing about his pole vault journey and we love it! "News flash for ol’ John Henry – two vaulting practice sessions in one day is maybe not a great idea." Sometimes you have to learn by doing, even when it comes down to an overexcited vaulter with a teenaged mind and a Master’s body. Good for you John, we love what you do!

Next month we will have our first Hall of Fame issue of Vaulter Magazine. Stay Tuned.

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