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On the cover this month we have our first coach of many for 2019. Kevin Hall from the Vault Barn.

June is here and many of you are out of school or very close to it. Soon you will be getting ready for a full summer of pole vaulting. Many will go to camp, some will find the nearest street or beach vault, many will choose the route of USATF and AAU Nationals to keep them busy all summer long. Best of all you have the options out there to get the job done.

With that said, John Clark is back, and he’s been working hard as usual. One of the hardest working Master’s Vaulter around. “A week after torrential thunderstorms washed out the Texas Senior Games track and field competition in San Antonio, it was back to work at Jack Chapman’s Texas Elite Pole Vaulting club in Killeen.”

Kreager Taber has hit the ball out of the park with this article about Cornelius Warmerdam. The worlds greatest pole vaulter is a story that can’t be missed. “Growing up on a farm close to Hanford, California, Warmerdam and his brothers created a makeshift pole vaulting pit after becoming interested in the sport. In an interview with Track and Field News, Warmerdam stated, “I don’t know why one of us wasn’t killed”. The story goes on from there and should not be missed.

On the cover, we have the Vault Barn out of Texas. Part of our coaches series, we highlight some of the best coaches around the United States. Club and school coaches are a highlight and should be recognized. It takes a lot to start an athlete off with no knowledge of pole vault and send them off to college after jumping 17’. “As a head high school track coach for 22 years, a football offensive and defensive coordinator for 20 years, a strength and conditioning coach for 11 years, and an Athletic Director for 9 years, Hall has had his fair share of public school coaching.” There is a lot to be learned from this coach and you can read it all here.

We will catch up again in July and hopefully, everyone will have that summer vibe under control. We would like to thank all of our supporters and our team here at Vaulter Magazine that makes this happen each month. We have social media personal, writers, design staff, editors and more, that work tirelessly to make all of this happen! Thank you!

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