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University of Central Missouri Cover of Vaulter Magazine.

What a great month October turned out to be! Our Halloween cover was a classic example of how one school can turn up the volume with a cover image. The standard was set high once again, and now it's up to all future Universities to respond with a large cover of their own.

November brings forth the holiday of Thanksgiving with all the sights and sounds of an American Holiday in the making. Time to come home and kick off the spikes and enjoy the natural sounds of the home front. Travel safe and read what this issue of the magazine and all that it has to offer on the flight or drive home. Happy Thanksgiving!

On the cover for November, we have the University of Central Missouri and their coach Kip Janvrin who started his coaching career 28 years ago. This is an article for all to read as he explains what it takes to be a University coach at his level and the support around him. Read along as they train and prepare for the upcoming season. Taking a shot at the National title once again is something they strive to achieve. If you are thinking of going to college for pole vault, this would be an obvious choice.

Davis High School is our featured High School this month, and they never seem to us amaze up with their extensive action and array of pole vaulters. Located in Kaysville, Utah, Coach Jeffery Agnello and his team of coaches bring the sport of pole vaulting to a whole new level. This isn't the first time this group has graced the cover of the magazine, they have graced the pages of the magazine in the past. Experience is critical, and exposure is crucial for the sport of pole vault and this team has both. Catch what they have to say inside this issue of the magazine.

This month we have Robert Andrews with his insight on staying focused and not becoming you own best enemy. These are always great articles from an industry professional that specializes on phycology of the sport. Robert has also placed a brand-new advertisement with the magazine providing you information how you can best use his services shortly.

A throwback from 2014, Bubba Sparks is always full of useful information and knowledge. Back in 2014, he wrote about the problems with approach and run. We have brought this story back before the indoor season to give you some perspective on his insightful coaching.

Thank you for your support and readership. It's been 55 issues since we started this magazine and significant changes are on the way for this magazine. More articles, training advice and in-depth analysis of the sport of pole vaulting.

Doug Bouma, Editor and Executive Director of Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club

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