This Saturday if you’re over at the Great Northern Town Center you might want to look up in the sky as pole vaulters from all over the northwest will be taking part in a street vault.

The Great Northern Street Vault is presented by Rocky Mountain Athletics and will feature vaulters of all ages, all the way up to 56-years-old. There will be local vendors on hand and professional pole vaulter Melinda Owen will also take part. Helena High pole vaulters Terah Cundith and Gunnar Hilborn said it should be a great event.

Cundith says, “Well there’s going to be college kids from Carroll, Montana and Montana State so a big variety of jumpers. There’ll probably be some pretty high jumpers too so that will be cool. We’re trying to raise money to buy new poles so we can all continue to jump higher.”

Hilborn says, “Well there’s some elite vaulters, some of the guys can clear 17 feet around there so that’s going to be pretty exciting and some of the girls can clear 15-14 something.”

That’s this Saturday at the Great Northern Town Center beginning at 11 a.m.

by: Al Marks


Street Vault Event
Street Vault Event

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