Svobodová the Czech record holder

From the perspective of the competitors at first there were no indications that now came the big day. “I felt very tired , I was just lying around and I did not want anything ,” said Jirina Svobodová their situation prior to the competition. ” Even in the jump-off were those bad feelings , so I decided that I would jump minimum heights, ” added ward coaching duo Lubenská – Fowler . Fatigue and a little forced strategy has sweet fruit. Jirina with the recent opening of the athletics stadium in Pilsen Skvrňany front of about four hundred spectators gradually shifted through 435 , 455 and even 471 cm , which was at that moment her second career best performance . “It was exactly the opposite from the previous season progresses . That’s what I always managed to warm up, but in the race it was not already . This time, it was determined that the higher up I jumped , that’s better , “said Jirina path that led her to the threshold of the Czech record . All that remained to do last but most difficult step . The first time it still did not work , but after a second attempt to cheer. “Supreme feelings . Everything came together. Conditions good sector , the audience , where the rod came quite . I enjoyed the race and also because the record may fall , ” enumerated what to write historical contribution . Jirina with a maximum displacement National did not want to stay and let you raise the bar a further five centimeters to 4.81 meters “Two jumps at that height are not completely useless , but because of the euphoria I had not concentrated so much . In addition, I thought it was already pretty high, the numeral looked quite intimidating, so here is jumping quite a few guys . But at least I got a chance to hold for the next attempt, ” said Svobodová . For pole-vaulter and her team means a lot of today’s result . First, it is assured that went the right way. ” I must say we were quite nervous. At the training sessions , everything looked great, but in the race it just could not sell. Maybe because we were making too many changes at once technical and I had to watch a lot of things . Today I tried to go back to one particular thing of the past , and it paid off , ” acknowledged the fledgling record holder , who for his contribution to the history of any particular reward planned. ” But maybe Peťan invent something special , ” tease her husband , the record-breaking obstacles. The precedent would have been . When her predecessor Baďurová jumped indoor maximum, received from her future husband Thomas Janků 465 roses , one for each centimeter . “That was not for me . For me, the main reward performance. A good rest rights Veca , “he adds with a smile Svobodová .



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