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Pole Vault Drills 1

This short pole vault video is a review of five drills used at coach Rick Attig’s winter and summer pole vault camps. These drills are used during the technical training sessions of the camp. FROM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfoDWbW26ZA

2011 Red-Black All Comers Results

Men Pole Vault Rouse Conner 4.40m (14-05.25) Brown Charles 3.95m (12-11.50) Concannon Robert 3.95m (12-11.50) Hooper Will 3.95m (12-11.50) Miller Corbin 3.80m (12-05.50) Cao Michael 2.30m (7-06.50) Varissimo Jake 2.30m (7-06.50) Women Pole Vault Hintz Kelsy 3.97m (13-00.25) Johnson McKenzie 3.81m (12-06.00) Arseneau Heather 3.66m (12-00.00) Waseloff Holly 3.66m (12-00.00)…