YEEESSSS!!!!! WE MADE THE TEAM FOR THE 2015 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!  Got the USA Outdoor title again and along with Brad Walker and Jake Blankenship, we’re off to Beijing in August. When my coach and I decided to come out of the NCAA early, this was our dream.  Work very hard and try to jump into the biggest meets in the world.  So grateful to have jumped against the World Record Holder at Reno and Drake!  We went head to head with our friend Shawn Barber a bunch of times and between the two of them, we’re a little beat up!  But we got better from it!  Now we are over 19′ in 5 meets this year and also doing it in training!  Special thanks to Team Nike, Ole Miss Athletics, my Ole Miss ARMY ROTC Unit and New Army Reserve Unit (655th Motor Transport Co. at Millington!) along with UST-ESSX.  Jeff Hartwig is an amazing manager and mentor.  My pole makers, Bruce Caldwell and Beto Sanchez at UST- ESSX–Bravo!.   We are off to Europe for some great Diamond League Meets followed by the USA Camp in Japan!    Thanks for believing in us!          Sam     


Sam Kendricks

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