Thank you! The kids Know!

Many days I work well into midnight making Vaulter Magazine jive with the pole vault community. Many times I’m writing something up, paying invoices or responding to a parent. Heck, since it’s calendar season, many athletes get a congratulations reply well into 11:00 pm. All in all, we are thankful! Not only for being able to do what we love to do, but for the families that see us and our business for what it really is.

The kids do get it! Often Derek and I state that the “Kids Know”. This statement is correct almost 100% of the time. We have a voice and often times we don’t use it enough to reach out, inform, and advise the community/family like we should. We will work on that as well with video, social media and all of our other platforms.

We have had so many athletes send in calendar requests this year that it’s hard to overlook. We just finished up the seventh series and I have countless emails from kids and parents in our mailbox, all of which are wanting to be part of the pole vault community. It’s crazy and we’re overwhelmed with excitement for what the rest of the year will bring. You would be amazed at what these kids and parents can do. We have seen it all over the United States as we travel from one location to the another. Our mission is to reach out and meet as many people as possible and gain attention for the sport of pole vault. Often times we hit a few road bumps along the way, but that is all part of the process. A process that we are learning from daily and one of these days we will have it all down to a science.

So once again, I would like to say Thank YOU!

You have shown over and over again what the pole vault community is all about. A movement, a story, a celebration of you. The VAULTER!


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