The Complete Track+Field 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Schedule

Team USA has the chance to make track and field history this year: Justin Gatlin has the chance to beat Usain Bolt and Allyson Felix hopes to win gold.

The Track and Field events begin on Day 7 of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics (August 12th).

American Justin Gatlin will go head to head against Usain Bolt, “the world’s fastest man,” in the Men’s 100m final, set to take place at 9:25 pm EST on August 15th. With Rio being Bolt’s last Olympics, it’s Gatlin’s final chance at redemption after a four-year probation for using performance-enhancing drugs.

Team USA’s Ajee Wilson will also be attempting to make history; one of the strongest American middle distance runners, she may be able to end the USA’s nearly 45-year distance dry spell for gold. Other athletes to look out for include 41-years-old Bernard Lagat, who will be attending his fifth Olympics as the oldest runner to ever make the American Team.

And, of course, Caster Semenya is back in Rio. The South African 800m runner who is returning as her dominant self after the Court of Arbitration of Sport suspended the mandate that she take hormones to reduce her naturally high levels of testosterone.


August 12th – Day 7

Track and Field

8:30 am: Men’s discus throw qualifications

8:35 am: Women’s heptathlon- 100m hurdles

9:05 am: Women’s shot put qualifications

9:10 am: Men’s 800m- round 1

9:50 am: Women’s heptathlon- high jump

10:10 am: Women’s 10,000m final

10:55 am: Women’s 100m preliminaries

1:30 pm: Men’s 20km walk final

7:30 pm: Women’s 1500m round 1

7:35 pm: Women’s heptathlon- shot put

7:40 pm: Women’s hammer throw qualifications

8:05 pm: Men’s 400m round 1

8:20 pm: Men’s long jump qualifications

9:00 pm: Women’s shot put final

9:05 pm: Women’s heptathlon- 200m

9:40 pm: Women’s 100m round 1


August 13th – Day 8

Track and Field

8:30 am: Men’s 100m preliminaries

8:40 am: Women’s triple jump qualifications

9:05 am: Women’s 3000m steeplechase round 1

9:50 am: Men’s discus throw final

10:00 am: Women’s 400m round 1

10:45 am: Women’s heptathlon- long jump

11:00 am: Men’s 100m round 1

7:00 pm: Women’s heptathlon- javelin throw

7:20 pm: Men’s pole vault qualifications

7:30 pm: Men’s 400m semifinal 1

7:37 pm: Men’s 400m semifinal 2

7:44 pm: Men’s 400m semifinal 3

7:53 pm: Men’s long jump final

8:00 pm: Women’s 100m semifinal 1

8:07 pm: Women’s 100m semifinal 2

8:14 pm: Women’s 100m semifinal 3

8:27 pm: Men’s 10,000 m final

9:08 pm: Men’s 800m semifinal 1

9:15 pm: Men’s 800m semifinal 2

9:22 pm: Men’s 800m semifinal 3

9:37 pm: Women’s 100m final

9:50 pm: Women’s heptathlon- 800m


August 14th- Day 9

Track and Field

8:30 am: Women’s marathon final

7:30 pm: Men’s high jump qualifications

7:35 pm: Women’s 400m semifinal 1

7:40 pm: Women’s 400m semifinal 2

7:45 pm: Women’s 400m semifinal 3

7:55 pm: Women’s triple jump final

8:00 pm: Men’s 100m semifinal 1

8:05 pm: Men’s 100m semifinal 2

8:10 pm: Men’s 100m semifinal 3

8:30 pm: Women’s 1500m semifinal 1

8:37 pm: Women’s 1500m semifinal 2

9:00 pm: Men’s 400m final

9:25 pm: Men’s 100m final

August 15th- Day 10

Track and Field

8:30 am: Men’s triple jump qualifications

8:35 am: Women’s 200m round 1

9:25 am: Men’s 3000m steeplechase round 1

9:40 am: Women’s hammer throw final

10:15 am: Women’s 3000m steeplechase final

10:30 am: Men’s 400m hurdles round 1

7:30 pm: Women’s discus throw qualifications

7:35 pm: Men’s pole vault final

7:40 pm: Men’s 110m hurdles round 1

8:30 pm: Women’s 400m hurdles round 1

9:25 pm: Men’s 800m final

9:45 pm: Women’s 400m final


August 16th- Day 11

Track and Field

8:30 am: Women’s 5000m round 1

8:45 am: Women’s pole vault qualifications

8:50 am: Men’s triple jump final

9:30 am: Men’s 1500m round 1

10:05 am: Women’s 100m hurdles round 1

10:20 am: Women’s discus throw final

10:50 am: Men’s 200m round 1

7:30 pm: Men’s high jump final

7:35 pm: Women’s javelin throw qualifications

7:40 pm: Men’s 110m hurdles semifinal 1

7:48 pm: Men’s 110m hurdles semifinal 2

7:56 pm: Men’s 110m hurdles semifinal 3

8:05 pm: Women’s long jump qualifications

8:10 pm: Women’s 400m hurdles semifinal 1

8:18 pm: Women’s 400m hurdles semifinal 2

8:26 pm: Women’s 400m hurdles semifinal 3

8:35 pm: Men’s 400m hurdles semifinal 1

8:42 pm: Men’s 400m hurdles semifinal 2

8:49 pm: Men’s 400m hurdles semifinal 3

9:00 pm: Women’s 200m semifinal 1

9:08 pm: Women’s 200m semifinal 2

9:16 pm: Women’s 200m semifinal 3

9:30 pm: Women’s 1500m final

9:45 pm: Men’s 110m hurdles final


August 17th- Day 12

Track and Field

8:30 am: Men’s decathlon- 100m

8:40 am: Men’s hammer throw qualifications

9:05 am: Men’s 5000m round 1

9:35 am: Men’s decathlon- long jump

9:55 am: Women’s 800m round 1

10:50 am: Men’s 3000m steeplechase final

11:15 am: Men’s decathlon- shot put

4:45 pm: Men’s decathlon- high jump

7:45 pm: Men’s javelin throw qualifications

7:45 pm: Women’s 100m hurdles semifinal 1

7:51 pm: Women’s 100m hurdles semifinal 2

7:57 pm: Women’s 100m hurdles semifinal 3

8:15 pm: Women’s long jump final

8:20 pm: Men’s decathlon- 400m

9:00 pm: Men’s 200m semifinal 1

9:05 pm: Men’s 200m semifinal 2

9:10 pm: Men’s 200m semifinal 3

9:30 pm: Women’s 200m final

9:55 pm: Women’s 100m hurdles final


August 18th – Day 13

Track and Field

8:30 am: Men’s decathlon- 110m

8:55 am: Men’s shot put qualifications

9:00 am: Women’s high jump qualifications

9:25 am: Men’s decathlon- discus throw

10:20 am: Women’s 4x100m relay round 1

10:40 am: Men’s 4x100m relay round 1

11:00 am: Men’s 400m hurdles final

12:25 pm: Men’s decathlon- pole vault

5:35 pm: Men’s decathlon- javelin throw

7:30 pm: Men’s shot put final

7:45 pm: Men’s 1500m semifinal 1

7:52 pm: Men’s 1500m semifinal 2

8:10 pm: Women’s javelin throw final

8:15 pm: Women’s 800m semifinal 1

8:21 pm: Women’s 800m semifinal 2

8:27 pm: Women’s 800m semifinal 3

8:45 pm: Men’s decathlon- 1500m

9:15 pm: Women’s 400m hurdles final

9:30 pm: Men’s 200m final


August 19th – Day 14

Track and Field

7:00 am: Men’s 50km walk final

1:30 pm: Women’s 20km walk final

7:30 pm: Women’s pole vault final

7:40 pm: Women’s 4x400m relay round 1

8:05 pm: Men’s hammer throw final

8:10 pm: Men’s 4x400m relay round 1

8:40 pm: Women’s 5000m final

9:15 pm: Women’s 4x100m relay final

9:35 pm: Men’s 4x100m relay final


August 20th – Day 15

Track and Field

7:30 pm: Women’s high jump final

7:55 pm: Men’s javelin throw final

8:00 pm: Men’s 1500m final

8:15 pm: Women’s 800m final

8:30 pm: Men’s 5000m final

9:00 pm: Women’s 4x400m relay final

9:35 pm: Men’s 4x400m relay final


August 21st – Day 16

Track and Field

8:30 pm: Men’s marathon final


How to Live Stream the 2016 Rio Olympics: and the NBC Sports app will be live streaming coverage of the Games for pay TV subscribers via TV Everywhere. You can download the NBC Sports app to your Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox or Roku or use the iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps.





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