We use expressions every day in coaching the Pole Vault that we understand, but others may not know what in the world we are talking about. I use the following expressions all the time. Take a look at them. Maybe you can use them in your coaching.

Grip & Carry
Palm up, palm down
Shoulder width apart
Up and to left
Lower hand palm down, top palm up
Space between hands on pole
Pole tip is up and to left (if right-handed)
Approach Run
Gently up and down
Run upright
Lower tip of pole
Tight stride
Action of pole
Good posture
Pole movement approaching vault box
Foot strikes runway underneath knee
Take-Off Point
Straight Line
Drawn from top hand to down foot’s toe
The bridge
Lift left hand
Eyes up
Go up the stairs
In front & close to right ear
Put the pole on its back
Changes horizontal run to vert take-off
Lifts pole tip on next-to-last left step
Lower body on last right step
Focus eyes on lower hand throught vault
Move upwards after gathering
Action of right hand during Plant
Both arms should push
Continue pushing top of pole forward
Full extension
Position of body when leaving runway
Follow inward-bending pole
Stay in the “pocket”
Keep swing going
Stay upright with chest-up
Behind bottom hand, in front of top hand
Remain upright, chest leading
Keep chest up
Stay in front of top arm
Bring knees in before going on your back
No “rock-back”, don’t turn upper body early
Go up the pole
Make a unit turn
Stay close to pole
Continue legs and hips going up pole
Upper and lower body turn at same time
Make tight turn around pole


Pole Vaulting
Pole Vaulting

by: Bill Falk

from: http://www.everythingtrackandfield.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/PBOnePieceView?storeId=10152&catalogId=10753&languageId=-1&pagename=248

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