1 1 Schipper, David SO-2 Notre Dame 4.65m
2 2 Kaplan, John FR-1 Marquette 4.50m
3 3 Krach, Patrick SO-2 Notre Dame 4.20m
4 3 Odegard, Dean SR-4 Notre Dame 4.20m
5 5 Barnes, Carson SO-2 Notre Dame 4.00m


1 1 Darnall, Lauren SR-4 Marquette 3.70m
2 1 Polcari, Annie SR-4 Notre Dame 3.70m
3 3 Finkel, Chrissy SR-4 Notre Dame 3.55m
4 4 Grace, Whitney FR-1 Bethel (Ind.) 3.40m
5 4 Carr, Kate JR-3 Bethel (Ind.) 3.40m
6 4 Tepper, Taylor FR-1 Bethel (Ind.) 3.40m
7 4 Polcari, Kayla SO-2 Notre Dame 3.40m
8 4 Sullivan, Allison FR-1 Notre Dame 3.40m
9 9 Schichtel, Libby FR-1 Notre Dame 3.25m


Notre Dame Blue and Gold
Notre Dame Blue and Gold

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