THE WEEK IN PHOTOS: Seniors compete in pole-vaulting, volunteers trap turtles

COLUMBIA — This week, Missourian photographers captured images of athletes at the Missouri State Senior Games, a mother-daughter duo who bonds through fishing, turtle-trapping and some very devoted Team USA soccer fans.


In this photo by Elizabeth Cardwell from the Missouri State Senior Games, Dan Limbaugh, 68, clears the bar in the men’s pole vault event. The competition took place on a sweltering Saturday afternoon at Audrey J. Walton Stadium.


Steve Terry of Lexington stretches in preparation for the 1500-meter Race Walk in this photo by T.J. Thomson. The race-walk is one of of the events in the 2014 Missouri State Senior Games. Terry completed the race in 10 minutes.


In this photo by Matt McCormack, Wanda Holt, 72, winds up as she casts her bait, and her mother, Ona Potter, 96, slowly reels in her jig from a dock at Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area on Thursday. Holt and Potter have been fishing together at the lake for about 20 years. It is an activity they both enjoy, and because Holt’s children are grown, they now have more time for it.


The Missouri Department of Conservation removes turtles from water pools at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Center to generate population estimates Wednesday in this close-up photo by Shannon Elliott. The department returns the turtles to the pool they pulled them from as soon as possible. Turtle-trapping has become a family event of sorts for some Columbia residents; many volunteered last week to help the department trap and process information about the turtles.


From left, Andrew Linn, Evan Oliver and Patrick Finney stand in the corner of McNally’s Irish Pub with other American Outlaw members watching the U.S. vs. Ghana soccer game on June 7 in this photo by Kylee Gregg. The American Outlaws are Columbia’s biggest soccer fan club. They have more than 50 members and get together to watch Team USA play all year-round.




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