The WORST Shoulder Exercise for Bigger Shoulders – STOP!!

When it comes to getting bigger shoulders there are a lot of shoulder exercises that you can choose from. The problem is that because the shoulder is such a delicate joint, choosing the wrong exercises in your shoulder workout can be devastating.

In a recent Men’s Fitness Magazine issue, I was asked to write about exercises that can be improved and made less dangerous. First up, and featured in this video, is the upright row exercise. This shoulder workout wrecker is one of the worst exercises you can do because it puts your shoulders in the impingement position at the top of the movement.

The use of the barbell when doing it makes it even worse. The best thing you can do is swap dumbbells for the barbell and then be sure to keep your elbows LOWER than your thumbs at the top of the exercise. This helps to make the shoulder exercise more of a high pull and places the joint in external rotation instead of internal rotation normally seen with the upright row.

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Jeff Cavaliere Vaulter Magazine
Jeff Cavaliere Vaulter Magazine


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