Thiago da Silva – Brazil’s pole vaulter of the future goes 5.20

IAAF –Unquestionably, Brazil has had a fine tradition in the jumping events, although it was mostly built around triple jumpers. Multiple medallists at Olympic Games and World Championships have given the South American nation a strong reputation throughout the years, since the days of Adhemar Ferreira da Silva in the 1950s.

However, something seems to be changing. Nowadays, the Triple Jump seniority is shifting to the Pole Vault. Fábio Gomes da Silva reached two World Championships finals and Fabiana Murer earned World titles indoor and outdoor for Brazil. Both athletes are coached by Élson Miranda de Souza, who has now developed another talent – World junior champion Thiago da Silva.

“Thiago is a great athlete, still young and under development,” explains de Souza. “Pole vaulting is a very complex event and he still has a long way to go to fully understand certain technical aspects of the event. Then he must start to build his own path to continue growing. But we are very pleased, as he is evolving very well after winning one of the most competitive Pole Vault finals at the World Junior Championships that I remember

In his hometown of Marília, da Silva was introduced to athletics by his uncle Fabiano Braz da Silva, a decathlete with a PB of 6916. Aged 13, da Silva would go to the track with his uncle every morning. After a short-lived stint playing for his school basketball team, da Silva returned to athletics aged 14 and began to train properly.

“My first coach was Alexsandro Ramos,” he recalls. “A fellow athlete who trains now with me in São Paulo (Augusto Dutra de Oliveira) became my inspiration. I was seeking a better future outside of Marília.”


Thiago Braz Da Silva
Thiago Braz Da Silva

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