Strength training is the newest exercise fad and it is here to stay. Strength training is important to say the least and justifiably so. Considering the hectic lives we lead today, it is only important that we build on our strength reserves. Strength training effectively equips you to go through the daily grind of home or office work without feeling tired or depleted. These top ten strength training exercises are a sure fire way of starting off an effective strength training routine in your daily lives.

Top Ten Strength Training Workouts:

1. Squats:

squats exercise

Any list comprising of strength training exercises is bound to have squats on it. This classic routine works out all the major leg muscles including thighs, lower legs and hips and if done correctly it also strengthens the upper body. A basic everyday movement, whether you are sitting on a chair or picking up an item from the floor, squats can be done the simple way or you can use barbells while doing squats to effectively build more strength and stamina.

2. Lunges:

lunges exercises

Working on the same muscles as squats, the lunge is a form of one of the primary movement patterns such as walking up and down the stairs, up and down hill or simply walking. You can perform simple lunges or use dumbbells to build up more strength and stamina.

3. Deadlifts:

deadlifts exercises

Along with squats, deadlifts are also one of the most important exercises for strength training. Combining squats and pull, the deadlift works effectively to build stamina even as you squat down to pull up weights. Working out all the major muscles in the lower and upper body, deadlifts are integral to strength training.

4. Pull Ups:

pull ups exercise

Pull ups effectively workout all the big pulling muscles of the body such as the back muscles, the shoulders and the arms. Pull ups are great workout techniques for firming, toning, strengthening and building all these muscle groups. They are also great exercises for burning fat and assisting weight loss.

5. Lat Pull Down:

lat pulldown exercise

Equally effective as the pull up, the lat pull down works on all the same muscle groups and is easier to perform by beginners as the load is more easily adjusted. The lat pull down is an open chain exercise as opposed to the closed chain exercises mentioned above. Closed chain exercises involve pushing or pulling against immovable objects where as open chain exercises causes the resistance that is being pushed or pulled against to actually move.

6. Bent Over Row:

bent over row exercise

The bent over row is another great strength training exercise that works on all the same muscle groups as pull-ups or lat pull downs. As you pull up the barbell to your torso, it moves you away from your center of mass pulling you forward and off balance and even as you push yourself against gravity to stay steady, this workout effectively works on your core strength.

7. Push Ups:

push ups everyday

Anybody who actively works out on a daily basis would know how to do a basic pushup but it is important to know why pushups are so integral to strength training.  Pushups build up the shoulders, chest and triceps and it also requires core strength to maintain a safe neutral spine position throughout this exercise.

8. Bench Press:

bench press workout

A popular workout routine for most bodybuilding enthusiasts, the bench press is integral to strength training. It works on all the pushing muscles namely the chest, shoulders and triceps.

9. Running:


Any strength training workout done out in the open would definitely include running as it effectively builds up stamina and works on all the major leg muscles. You can simply run to improve core strength or even jump over hurdles as you run.

10. Bicep Curl:

bicep curl workout

Lifting barbells while standing with a strong underhand grip is known as bicep curls. Bicep curls effectively work on the major upper body muscles and help build stamina.

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