Top Ten Lessons This Athlete Learns and Constantly Relearns

Last week, I was interviewed by Ellie Spain, from the World Athletics Center out in Phoenix where I trained this December, and where I am headed again in March. Though the article is about the top ten lessons I have learned in the pole vault, I hope it may encourage some of you in other areas of your life!

Click here for the full article. Otherwise, here are the top ten lessons I am learning and relearning in my journey.

1. Control what you can control, and trust God with what you can not.

2. Love what you are doing. This is the most simple of things. But sometimes the simplest of things are the hardest.

3. Every event, good or bad, is a learning opportunity. Be diligent in identifying what mistakes you made and what you did well. Experience (whether positive or negative) drives improvement.

4. Trust the plan. Confidence flows out of trust.

5. Expect that things will not always go your way. What good story worth telling doesn’t have a bit of hardship?

6. Embrace change and lean into the unknown. Knowing you need to change yet staying the same is a weak and foolish choice.

7. Fear is super sneaky and extremely toxic. Take time to listen to your thoughts and clear your head of fear.

8. Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to back off. You have a shot if you’re healthy, injured is a different story.

9. Remember, you are always just one jump away from making big gains. Every jump is a new opportunity for progress!

10. Choose to be grateful everyday. How special is it that we have the ability, luxury, and freedom to do sport? Not everyone does, so be thankful! And be sure to thank those around you for their help (parents, mentors, coaches, officials, etc.)






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