1. Jessie Johnson (Argyle, Texas) 1st Texas Regions; 1st State; 13-6
  2. Emily Brigham -11 (Mill Valley, Kansas) 1st Kansas Region; 1st State; 1st Great Southwest; 13-7
  3. Sydney White (Kernersville, North Carolina) 2nd New Balance Indoors; 1st State; 3rd New Balance Nationals; 2nd USA Juniors; 13-3 ½
  4. Alyssa McBride (Bryan, Ohio) 1st New Balance Indoor; 1st State; 2nd Mid-West Meet of Champions; 3rd USA Juniors; 13-1 ½
  5. Taylore Jaques 10 (San Jose, California) 1st Stanford; 1st Sacramento Meet of Champions; 1st State; 13-4 ¾

Brigham was the undefeated national leader. But she had to take a narrow backseat to the also undefeated Johnson. The Texas was far more consistent, at one point having 6 straight 13 foot meets… it’s the first year without a 14 footer since 2004


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