1. Renaud Lavillenie (France)
  2. Björn Otto (Germany)
  3. Malte Mohr (Germany)
  4. Steve Lewis (Great Britain)
  5. Raphael Holzdeppe (Germany)
  6. Konstadínos Filippídis (Greece)
  7. Dmitriy Starodubtsev (Russia)
  8. Jan Kudlička (Czech Republic)
  9. Brad Walker (USA)
  10. Yevgeniy Lukyanenko (Russia)


  1. Jenn Suhr (USA)
  2. Yelena Isinbaeva (Russia)
  3. Yarisley Silva (Cuba)
  4. Silke Spiegelburg (Germany)
  5. Jiřina Ptáčniková (Czech Republic)
  6. Fabiana Murer (Brazil)
  7. Holly Bleasdale (Great Britain)
  8. Lisa Ryzih (Germany)
  9. Martina Strutz (Germany)
  10. Vanessa Boslak (France)


Jenn Suhr
Jenn Suhr

*** The articles that we post on this website are searched from the Internet and don’t reflect our views.  VAULTER Magazine LLC. is bringing the pole vault news to the reader in one central location. ***

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This author is one of the many in house staff that we have posting articles from the Internet and other sources.

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