Track and field: Rissman finds his niche in the pole vault for Sycamore

SYCAMORE – Rising and falling is the constant refrain of any competitor in the pole vault.

After all, “the meet’s not over until everybody fails three times,” Sycamore assistant track and field coach Bill Pulak said.

But Spartans senior pole vaulter Zachary Rissman is more focused on reaching higher and higher heights.

“Coming into the season after the summer vaulting, I have high expectations for myself,” Rissman said.

As a senior, Rissman has gone through pole after pole, each time switching to one slightly longer, and quickly gaining familiarity and comfort with it. Rissman estimated he used 10 poles as a junior and has kept climbing as a senior. He’s up to a 14-foot pole, Pulak said.

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