Two Fil-Heritage Vaulters begin journey for the SEA Games

The Philippines –The Discovery of two Fil-Heritage Jumpers who ranked second and third in SEA Rankings this year has breathed new life into an event which has not won a gold medal since Edward Lasquette in 1995.23 year old Caleb Monticalvo (5.03m) who competes in Division 2 from California and  22 year old Julio Alorro (4.91m) from New Jersey who competes in Division 3 in the States will get there season under way in a few weeks with their quest to regain the glory for the Philippines in this event.

Former SEA Games representative  30 year old Jerome Margallo is well behind with a 4.56 indoor jump and a no jump at the National Games.  National Junior record holder 17 year old EJ Obiena also has a 4.41 indoor leap.  While Masters record holder and National Champion Emerson Obiena has leapt 4.38m indoors.*

Former Junior Record and Current Palaro Record Holder Adel Valdecanas leapt 4.20m finishing just behind EJ on countback which could lead to an exciting challenge on the 4.30m record of Jerome Margallo at the UAAP in early December.There is very good overall depth in the Pole Vault with half of the top ten vaulters of all time active the is season.


Caleb Monticalvo
Caleb Monticalvo

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