Two Fluvanna Flying Flucos Vaulting To New Heights

Defending state champion pole vaulters, Chance Parmly and Hannah Meador propel themselves into the air day-in and day-out at Fluvanna County high school.

Meador said, “Its nice to have him for the support. I think we both kind of support each other.”

Parmly’s personal record is 15-feet while Meador is inches away from hitting 12-feet.

Both shine for Fluco at every meet – but they both carry different demeanors as they approach the vault.

Parmly said, “She gets too nervous all the time…I never got nervous. Its just another thing to me.”

The tough guy is also the first to give Meador a hard time when she doesn’t hit her mark

“Freshman year I got second at indoor – he said, ‘from a gold medalist to a silver medalist,'” Meador laughed.

Pole vaulting runs in Parmly’s family.

Meador had a different start. The 4-time state champion spent her childhood dedicating her time to gymnastics. She spent over 30 hours a week training in the gym but her acrobatic background only helps her excel.

Meador said, “You’ve kind of built strength up and speed and body awareness…There’s a lot of skills in pole vault. Like we even train in the gymnastics room a little bit to do drills…I think gymnastics was a little bit scarier than pole vault personally.”

Parmly is a Senior at Fluvanna County and could finish with 4 state championships if he wins at the outdoor meet this spring.

Parmly said, “It’d mean a lot – not that many people have done it around here, so it’d mean a lot.”

On the other hand – Meador is only a Junior and already has 4 state championships under her belt. If can get first place at her next 3 state meets – she will have the most state titles as a pole vaulter in VHSL AA.

“You know the heights in pole vault and sometimes you just have an off day. And it happens to everyone. It happens to people in the Olympics. So you never know. There could be great people coming up, getting better,” said Meador. She later added – that hopefully she can continue to out-vault her opponents.


Meador Vaulter Magazine
Meador Vaulter Magazine

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