United States Naval Academy Cover of Vaulter Magazine

What a big month last month turned out to be with news about the sport.

The IAAF plans to reduce the amount of time given for each pole vault attempt next year. Vaulters around the world are not happy about that change at all.

Sam Kendricks became the 20th member of the 6-meter club as he cleared 6.00m on his second attempt to win the USA Nationals.

Sandi Morris, the U.S. indoor champion, claimed her first outdoor title at the U.S.A. Track and Field Outdoor Championships in Sacramento, Calif.

College and High School is finished up, and the summertime fun has just begun!

This month we have a few exciting articles about “Approach-Avoidance Conflict,” by Steve Yockim, From One Pit to Another: Developing a Strong Takeoff with Sand Vaulting, By Kreager Taber, DEVELOPMENT OF POLE VAULTING SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY, By Eliah Memmel, and the United States Naval Academy on the cover just in time for the 4th of July!

This month’s magazine is packed with great reading material and pictures of some of the world’s best. Have a fun summer and spend the days and nights doing what you love.

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