UST-ESSX Offers $16,000 to New World Record Setter at Pole Vault Competition, 9/6

BEDFORD, Texas, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Never have the terms “COOL,” “CAVE,” “UNDERGROUND,” and “POLE VAULTING” come together in such a dynamic way. Saturday Sept 6 th, the weekend after Labor Day, when the final heat of summer is scorching the earth, you could be in the cool underground caves, just south of St. Louis in Crystal City, Missouri doing what you love the most: POLE VAULTING!

The Pole Vault BATTLE FOR THE UNDERGROUND Personal Records will commence! You could be running down a pole vault runway supplied by Olympian Doug Lytle owner of Xtreme Athletics Kansas City in the Underground and you may set new records on an IAAF certified and approved runway with Mondo Super X 20 surface that provides a fast level approach. A brand new full size competition Richey Athletics landing system provided by is supplied to allow you to jump your highest. You do not need to bring your vaulting poles. Vaulting poles from 11′ to 14′ will be available to rent at the event if you have problems traveling with your poles. Other size poles available upon advance request, contact Bruce Caldwell 877-367-3779 toll free.

Underground Pole Vault is an International competition to all age groups, male and female, masters and elite. UST-ESSX is offering a prize of $16,000 to any qualifying athlete who can jump 5.81 19’1″ or higher, with a Hole in One first time attempt in the Cave. (Rules and restrictions apply.)

Event hosted by Motley Crew Vault Club Crystal City, Mo during the Twin City Days annual festival of all things Festus and Crystal City, scheduled for Thursday-Saturday, Sept. 4-6. There are tons of things for folks of all ages to do there is music to listen to, sports to play, food to eat, skill challenges to try, and plenty of good, old-fashioned hanging out with friends and neighbors. All are welcome; most events are free for spectators.


UST-ESSX Battle Poster

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