UST ESSX Recoil Advanced Pole Takes 1st at USA Track & Field Outdoor Championship

FORT WORTH, TexasJuly 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — UST Mamiya, maker of the world’s finest pole vaulting poles, reports the winner of the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championship relied on his UST ESSX Recoil Advanced pole to take 1st place in the pole vaulting competition June 29th held at Sacramento State University in Sacramento, CA.

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The winner won the competition with a jump of 18 feet 10-1/4 inches (5.75 meters) using a 15 foot 5 inch grip on a 15 foot 9 inch pole with a 49 inch push off.

“UST Mamiya wants to congratulate the winner of pole vault competition at the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championship,” said Bob Drury, Chief Operating Officer of UST Mamiya Golf owners of UST-ESSX LLC. “The UST ESSX team designs and manufactures the finest vaulting poles in the world using advanced materials and knowledge of the pole vaulting event.”

“UST ESSX poles offer innovative designs and consistency to optimize the pole vaulters’ confidence and performance,” noted Bruce Caldwell Sales manager of UST ESSX. “This combination was a key factor in the champion pole vaulter’s recent switch to the UST ESSX Recoil Advanced pole.”

UST ESSX Recoil Advanced vaulting poles incorporate advanced materials and design that together produce one of the most durable and lightest-weight poles in the market place. Recoil Advanced poles feature a higher flex point allowing experienced vaulters to take advantage of the lift as the pole returns to the vertical position. The poles are engineered proportionally so that they perform consistently as the vaulter moves to different lengths and flexes. UST ESSX Recoil Advanced and Recoil poles have smaller diameters than traditional vaulting poles.

UST Mamiya produces a variety of UST ESSX vaulting poles, including the renowned Recoil Advanced, Recoil and Power X lines, which have received significant usage in pole vaulting competitions throughout the world.

About UST Mamiya

UST Mamiya designs and produces high-performance golf shafts, tubes and pole vaulting poles using advanced, light-weight materials. The Company’s products are well-known within their respective markets for their exceptional quality, durability and performance. UST Mamiya’s design and manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S., Japan, and Bangladesh. UST ESSX is a division of UST Mamiya. For more information: or, 817.267.2219.

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