Vakharia sets new meet record

Karnataka’s Khyathi Vakharia overcame National record-holder V.S. Surekha in the pole vault event with a new meet record (4m) on the opening day of the National inter-State athletics meet on Tuesday.

When she cleared 4m on her first attempt, she erased Surekha’s meet record (3.95) created in 2009.

O.P. Jaisha of Punjab defeated Preeja Sreedharan and Kavita Raut in the women’s 5,000m to bag the first place.

G. Lakshmanan of Tamil Nadu emerged a surprise winner in the men’s 5,000m, upstaging Nitender Singh, Kheta Ram and M.D. Yunus with a personal best time of 14:15.39s.

Lakshmanan, who lost his father 17 years ago, said: “I am thankful to P.V.R. Sekaran, the President of Kavi Nadu SC for guiding me.”

Aniruddh Gujar of Maharashtra and Asha Roy (West Bengal) won the men’s and women’s 100m races.

“I hope to do my best in the Asian championship in Pune. If not, definitely I will go for the National record,” Khyathi said. “I am peaking at the right time. I have been doing really well starting from the Open Nationals in Chennai last year where I finished first, and the Federation Cup in Patiala in April this year where I emerged triumphant. Both times I defeated Surekha. I am really thrilled.”

The results: Men: 100m: 1. Aniruddh Gujar (Mah) 10.61s, 2. Vijaykumar (TN) 10.63, 3. M. Manikanda Raj (TN) 10.64. 5.000m: 1. G. Lakshmanan (TN) 14:15.39s, 2. Nitender Singh (Utr) 14:15.66, 3. M.D. Yunus (Mah) 14:15.68.

Women: 100m: 1. Asha Roy (WB) 11.86s, 2. Merlin K. Joseph (Ker) 11.90, 3. Sharadha Narayana (TN) 11.97; 5,000m: 1. O.P. Jaisha (Pun) 17:27.24s, 2. Preeja Sreedharan (Ker) 17:28.94, 3. L. Suriya (TN) 17:31.18.

Pole vault: 1. Khyati Vakharia (Kar) 4.00m ( NMR ; OR: Surekha, 3.95m), 3., 2. V.S. Surekha (TN) 3.90, 3. K.C. Dija (Ker) 3.60. Discus: 1. Krishna Poonia (Raj) 56.73m, 2. Seema Antil (UP) 51.70, 3. Navjit Kaur (Pun) 47.07. Javelin: 1. Suman Devi (UP) 51.96m, 2. Annu Rani (UP) 49.52, 3. Mukesh Kumari (Har) 48.84. Long jump: 1. Mayookha Johny (Ker) 6.49m, 2. V. Neena (Jhr) 6.15, 3. M.A. Prajusha (Ker) 6.01.


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