Vaulter Magazine Calendar Development 2014 (Update)

As you well know, Vaulter Magazine wants to continue to produce pole-vaulting products that meet the demand of the vaulting community. With that said our 2014 calendar contest is off and running at full speed! Many images were sent and received and we are sure there will be more.

The two college covers were selected for the 2014 calendar year and soon the high school and elite section covers will be complete as well. That is just the covers, we still have 12 pages within that need to be filled.

For the college women we have Shelby Poncik on the cover for this inaugural year, and for the college men we have Victor Weirich.

The contest will last for another week or until we fill all of the slots. Vaulter Magazine plans to still pick the Masters cover, high school cover, and elite cover for both girls and guys.

Please note that 98% of the images are too small and will not work that were submitted so far. So take the time and make sure you get the original and it is 2mb or larger.  We have so many entries that if the size is not good enough we will have to skip that entry.

Want to join in the fun?  Click the link below and get started!



College Girls
College Girls


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