Vaulter Magazine Goes LIVE with Live Streaming Meets

The time has come that we as a company collectively decided that a live stream was necessary to get our word out and showcase our meets. Many athletes, parents, and people from around the world have asked us why? Why not live stream so everyone can see. It is time that all vaulters are showcased and seen at our events.

On the page you will have a live feed for the event and also a chat discussion for the group that will be moderated. Please be kind, your chat will have your i.p. address for security and safety of all parties.

You can live stream our event from and both. You have the ability to watch it on your phone and that method is preferred by most people. You can also watch it via your smart television and other devices. The latency is great, the video is smooth and crystal clear. So much effort was put into this setup to make it right, we hope that you enjoy the show.

If you wold like to join our advertisers on these live feeds or place a commercial during the event, please contact us at 877-7-VAULTER

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