Vaulter Magazine Grand Prix Spring Results Posted

2021 Vaulter Magazine Grand Prix Spring results are now available for viewing on our website. These are official results by Kirk Bentz #031027 and Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc.

The time has come that Vaulter Magazine starts to post their own results for their meets. Many affiliations are plain CRUEL to the 2020/2021 pandemic athletes in California. They will not post their marks or even recognize their amazing achievements when they are the highest jumpers in the state. Cross country and other events get plenty of articles and news when they go out of state and across county lines. But for some reason when they come to the Vaulter Magazine meets, it’s an example they do not want to write about. So once again, here we are, the leader in pole vault news and information.

These results will also be posted on in the upcoming days. Please keep a lookout for there as well.

Audie Wyatt image by Katherine Lewis

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