Over the last four years Vaulter Magazine and our club (Vaulter Club) has had the wonderful opportunity to deal with some of the largest track and field suppliers in the world. We’ve been extremely blessed to have such a strong relationship with many of these companies. Support in this sport is not easy and we understand that commitment is more than just saying that we have your back, it’s a step forward with a giving hand with strong understanding. When you get a chance to see some of these advertisers please take a serious moment and thank them for doing their part in keeping our magazine and this sport pressing forward.

Starting April 1, 2016 Vaulter Magazine has teamed up with UST-ESSX and VS Athletics to help support pole vaulters and track athletes from near and far.

VS Athletics www.vsathletics.com has pledge to support our 2017 calendar program for all of 2017 Calendars and the rest of 2016 calendar entries.


VS Athletics
VS Athletics logo and brand.

VS Athletics is located in Torrance, California 1450 W. 228th St. #8, Torrance, CA 90501, with an actual retail track store and warehouse. VS Athletics serves ALL sports, not just Track, Soccer and Volleyball. They can get equipment for Baseball, Football and almost any sport your school has. Their staff are experts in Track & Field and athletics with real experience in competition, coaching and management.

VS Athletics has stepped up multiple times by donating a set of Olympic Sized standards for the club to use at our facility for the FREE summer programs and now partnering with our magazine and club to bring services and supplies to the world. Please, when you go to the store use the coupon code vaultermag for 10% off all sales.

UST-ESSX is a longtime partner of Vaulter Magazine that lends a serious hand each year. This year and like the last four years UST-ESSX will renew their commitment by advertising in the magazine for the rest of the 2016 and 2017 term. This support goes without saying and the pole industry is selling more poles than ever. Not only will UST-ESSX advertise, they are also supporting our 2017 calendar program for all of 2017, to include all of the rest of the year’s calendar entries for 2016.


Sam Kendricks jumps huge on the UST-ESSX brand and so can you!
Sam Kendricks jumps huge on the UST-ESSX brand and so can you!

UST Essx’s parent company, UST Mamiya, has over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of tubular products using many advanced composite materials. Today, we are truly a global organization with operations on four continents and sales in virtually every country in the world.

Contact UST-ESSX.com today and get your poles on order!

We know how much this means to you, the reader, and the magazine, so please when you do call, tell them you read this newsletter from Vaulter Magazine. We are very pleased and continue to thank this longtime supporter of our program and look forward to many more years of support.

Shealy Athletics needs no introduction from our magazine, but we will introduce the company anyway! Years back when we started the magazine, Rusty Shealy told us about this young lady named Sandi Morris that left High School and started college.


Shealy Athletics Pole Vault Club
Shealy Athletics Pole Vault Club with Sandi Morris 2016 National Indoor Champion and 2016 World Indoor Silver Medalist.

“Watch out for this girl” Rusty stated. We’ve kept our eye on Sandi for years. We also keep our eye on the rest of the athletes that Rusty helps to train. Year after year he continues to advertise with us and believes in what we deliver to the pole vaulting community.

Are there still clubs around that can get the job done?  We say YES and www.shealyathletics.com is where you start!

“The Unfair Advantage” to say the least.

Don’t take it from us, just ask some of the kids that pole vault for this club.

Thank you Rusty and we appreciate your long time support.

Vaulter Magazine will continue to look for supports of our cause and our magazine throughout the year.  This will NOT be the last newsletter that you see from us and our supporters. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to a wonderful 2016.

Doug Bouma,

Executive Director, Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club

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