Since the start of 2015, Vaulter Magazine LLC has actively participated in the transition from a for-profit magazine to 501©3 Non-Profit named Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. We felt that we could enhance our product and also give back to the pole vaulting community in a manner that the sport has never witnessed before. Vaulter Magazine already acted like a Non-profit by sponsoring children and scholorshiping athletes to camps and after-school club events for a couple of years now and we would like to branch out and make the dreams of children come alive.

Why not give to a cause that hits home and takes care of your children at your doorsteps. You donate monthly and yearly, why not give to children who you know could use the help.

This is what vaulter magazine – vaulter club inc. is all about. We want you to be a part of the dream too. We want you to feel what we do when we help young pole vaulters fulfill their dreams. If you are active in your area, then we can be active in your area as well.

Each year Vaulter Magazine continues to advance the cause of growing the sport of pole vaulting. Through our programs Vaulter Club and Vaulter Magazine camp sponsorship, we have seen many lives change for the better.

Let me share with you the story of two young people who wished they had the opportunity to go to some of the best camps in the western part of the United States. Once we witnessed the power of sending three children to the Stacy Dragila camp last year, we knew there was a way to make these dreams come true. In the Midwest, we are sending one vaulter to San Diego for the camps and one child locally. Both are extremely thankful and we are not finished there. We have other camps and clubs that are willing to help and allow us to sponsor children for this effort.

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Inc. continues to work to help make a difference in the lives of athletes like our camp sponsors and beneficiaries of our local lend a pole program. Each and every person affected by the lack of pole vaulting poles has reason to hope because great advances are being made in local programs that will help you get the poles and pits needed for young athletes to pole vault.

However, continued outreach and work is essential to help the numerous athletes missing the tools necessary to pole vault and are effected by lack of equipment, coaching, and jump time each year.

Today, you can make an immediate difference in the life of a pole vaulting athlete. Each donation you send provides poles, pits, coaching, and camp registrations to hundreds of children.

I hope we can count on you to help. Please send the most generous gift you can, as soon as possible.

With grateful appreciation,

Douglas Bouma

Executive Director



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