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Since 20012 Vaulter Magazine has had one mission for the pole vaulting community. Get behind and support the hard working pole vaulting community with news, articles, pictures, gear and motivation to build a bigger and better sport. When we started, no one expected us to last a year with 12 issues coming out every single month. It is not easy, but if it was, everyone would do it and we would have many Vaulter Magazines. Next month on the cover of Vaulter Magazine, we have Issue Number 42 with Oral Roberts University.

Below are some of the many different option that we have available for purchase within our online store. The magazine is custom made each month to order directly from the printer.  There is no getting around the custom printing cost, which explains the cost of the magazine each month. If the sport was huge like football or soccer and we had millions of subscribers we would be giving them away.  This is not the case and to many this is what makes the magazine so prestigious in nature.

The magazine still reaches around the world and we continue to have customers that we send the magazine out to that want everything that has to do with pole vaulting. Many of which I can only fail to appreciate you more! You have subscribed since day one and continue to follow us through thick and thin. These are the true patriarchs and continue to help this magazine flow each month.

Monthly advertisers and supporters such as Terry Womack, Bubba Sparks, Rusty Shealy at, Rick Foster at, Bruce Caldwell at, Steve and Chris Chappell at UCS and Mike Cunningham at Gill, help keep this dream and our magazine alive.

With all of this said, it makes us very happy to read the comments athletes and people say that this year is the year of the pole vault. To us, every year and every day is the year of the pole vault, and we stand proud to know that this great sport continues to grow.



 Pole Bags

We have many custom pole bag options to include the $99 donation bag with Hawaiian print. Rockback Bags, Fuzion Bags and more.

Hunter Green and Royal White Hawaiian print $99 pole bag.
Hunter Green and Royal White Hawaiian print $99 pole bag.


For three (3) years now we have featured a one of kind calendar for the pole vault purest. Why so unique?  Because you or someone you know was inside that calendar! We have had middle school all the way to Masters grace the insides of our calendar for 12 months.  That is cool to see yourself in one of our calendars for an entire month.

Betsy Lovett 2016 Calendar for June High School.
Betsy Lovett 2016 Calendar for June High School.


We have a large array of donation and purchasable shirts for the pole vaulter at heart.  Check out some of our designs at

Love 2 Vault shirt inspired by Kassadee Ifft 1st Place at State in Illinois.



We can make a poster out of any image that you require.  Just let us know and we can make it happen! We also have high school, college and team posters for sale as well.

Renaud breaking the world record.
Renaud breaking the world record.

Stickers and Stuff

We have pole vault gear, poles, stickers and stuff to make your life that much easier. Have a look and let us know what else we can do for you to make your experience that much better.

Evolution of Pole Vault Sticker
Evolution of Pole Vault Sticker

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