Vera Neuenswander Schmitz: Another ESSENTIAL Lesson in Becoming a Pole Vault Expert

A while back I posted about pole vault and the metric system. There is a huge disconnect between many spectators and the rest of the pole vault world. We as athletes deeply want people to be enthused and excited about our sport, but there is little out there to educate the fans about the ins and outs of the event.

So throughout the year I will be dedicating posts to helping people, vaulters included, become experts in an event that sometimes seems to be spoken in another language.So today’s lesson is about another number. On a board posted along the runway lies a very important key to unlocking the language of polevault: the standard setting.First things first though… what are standards?

The crossbar sits atop pegs that are attached to two tall posts: the standards.. The pegs move up and down to adjust the height of the bar throughout the competition. BUT WHAT MOST SPECTATORS DO NOT KNOW IS THAT THE BAR CAN ALSO MOVE FORWARD AND BACKWARD! The standard setting indicates where the bar lies in relation to the back of the box.


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