Virginia Tech Issue Out Today – Anniversary Issue!

Today we launch the 12th issue of Vaulter Magazine and oh what a year it’s been! ONE YEAR of VAULTER Magazine! Yes one year since we started, and we have no plans of going away! When we started the magazine many people stated that we wouldn’t last past the Olympics. With a good business plan and outstanding subscribers, we’re here still today! We proved the naysayers wrong and plan to continue our run – So what are you waiting for – Subscribe today and let’s keep this alive!

We are delighted to treat our motivated “high” jumping pole vaulters this month.  Masters vaulter Doug ‘Bubba’ Sparks has put together some tips for achieving those bigger jumps.  He is passing on the advice that has kept him going strong and made him what he is.  We are fortunate to have his input and we know you, our readers, will get a lot of solid information to improve your vaulting from this informative piece.  Don’t miss this one!

This month we also have two universities featured that will impress any college-aged vaulter or parent of an athlete.  Between the athletics and academics of these two schools there is much valuable information in both articles.

Westfield State University is one school featured in this issue.  There is some great information in this article about this school full of athletes.  Those that are looking for a place to go for their higher education will find this a useful read.  Coach Weber is turning out some height with his vault team and they have a solid program going.

2012 was a great year for the vaulters of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (also known as Virginia Tech) and 2013 looks to be even better.  This is why we had to also include this all-inclusive school in this issue.  Not only is their vault team outstanding and flourishing, but the academic opportunities for their athletes are amazing as well.  We hope you enjoy reading about these schools and with these articles we can help with your academic choices or feed your inner college sports fanatic.

The high school crowd is not forgotten this month, which is proven by our featuring of Desert Vista High School.  The popularity of pole vaulting in this Arizona community is very refreshing and fun to read about.  You will not believe how many vaulters are trying out for the team at Desert Vista and what they are accomplishing.  Especially for the younger vaulters, this article is inspirational and a must read.

And we could not leave out the fun we, the Vaulter Magazine staff, had this January at the UCS Spirit National Pole Vault Summit.  We had so much fun seeing so many big names in pole vaulting attending the Summit and interacting with the crowd.  There was much knowledge and advice being shared as well as extreme competition between elite vaulters.  A great time was had by all and we shared our experience in this article we wrote specifically to tell you what went on.  We hope you enjoy reading the details and are inspired to attend because it’s really worth it.

One year has passed since the start of the magazine and we have high hopes for the following years to come. We would like to thank each and every one of the readers and followers that have help this team launch and promote this magazine!

So please enjoy the reading, and stay warm for the remainder of this winter.  Heading into spring we will be bringing more excitement from the world of pole vaulting for your reading entertainment.  Thank you and stay tuned.

Doug Bouma – Editor – Vaulter Magazine

1 Year Vaulter Magazine
1 Year Vaulter Magazine

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