Track’s eternal quest, the personal record or PR, was on display in a big way for Harrison’s boys Thursday night in the Central Sectional.

The defending champion Warriors probably didn’t need one PR after another to capture another sectional, but got them just the same and rolled to another impressive win to go with City and Southern Indiana Athletic Conference meet titles in 2013.

“On the way out here I told them I never had a team advance more than 12 events (to the regional with a top-four finish),” said Harrison coach Seth Bauer.

“Then they started jumping up and down and yelling ‘16, 16.’ They didn’t quite do that, but we’re taking 15 events. I’ve never had a team do anything close to that.”

The Warriors’ PR parade didn’t exactly start with the pole vault, but no event did better for Harrison.

Junior Benjamin Hodges moved his PR from 13 feet to 13-6, the height where senior David Woosley, who is undefeated in the event this year, comes in.

Hodges guaranteed Harrison first or second in the event when he cleared 13-6, then Woosley made it a one-two finish when he made that height on his first try.

“We’ve been waiting for a night like this with perfect conditions all year,” Woosley said. “Then there’s something weird about the pole vault. You want to see anybody PR.

“When Benny did it, things got almost magical. You don’t worry about anything, the injuries or the danger at that point, you just go. There’s something about the sectional, too. It happened for me out here last year here, too.”

After Hodges missed three tries at 14-3 (trying to get in Harrison’s top five all-time), Woosley made his first try at 14-6 and his second at 15-0. Then he moved the bar to a record of 15-7, a half-inch higher than Woosley went last year for his PR.

“I haven’t had much practice on these (bigger) poles,” said Woosley. “But tonight my swing caught up to the pole so I could feel the recoil.

“On the first attempt at 15-7, I thought I had it and was about to scream when I hit (the bar). But I had decent air on the second one. I knew it was staying up.”

Said Hodges: “It’s always the game plan to go one-two, and the PR thing is kind of just understood. We don’t talk about it until were here. In between we can keep up with the rest of the team.”


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