Weekend world records: Pat Manson in vault, Bob Hewitt in dec

Under cloudy skies, my fellow Jayhawk Pat Manson erased the listed M45 world record in the vault [5.10] by Larry Jessee, whose earlier M40 18-footer was widely doubted. Video of Pat’s jump of 5.11 (16-9 1/4) is posted on Facebook. Mike Ritter in Colorado was the first to share the news: “Masters were vaulting at Sports Authority field [Saturday] in Parker, CO after the pole vault conclusion of the USATF Jr. Olympic meet there. Pat cleared 16’2’’ and then raised the bar to 16’9” and made it.” Also reported (by Stefan Waltermann) is an M80 world record in the decathlon set over the weekend. [See results here.] Oregon’s Bob Hewitt scored 8360 points in Charlotte, North Carolina, to crush the listed M80 world record of 7170 by France’s Darrot Pierre at 2001 Brisbane worlds. Bob’s marks: 15.39 in 100, 4.16 (13-07.75) in long jump, 10.18 (33-04.75) in shot, 1.25 (4-01.25) in high jump, 1:20.16 in 400, 15.98 in 80-meter hurdles, 26.53 (87-0 1/2) in discus, 2.35 (7-08.50) in vault, 26.51 (86-11 /3/4) in javelin and 8:46.90 in 1500. Bob set the M75 WR of 7954 at Joplin, Missouri, five years ago. Great jobs, gents! Here’s Pat trying for a WR on June 15:

Bob Hewitt
Bob Hewitt


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