What is your “why”?

I have always wondered, what is it that makes us enjoy doing the things we do? Sure they are fun, exhilarating, challenging, and or a numerous amount of other reasons.

But why is it fun and exhilarating to us but not the others? I tried pole vaulting for the first time in my freshman year of high school. I had a personal best of 8ft. I had so much fun I did not want to stop. So I found a couple of summer camps. I went to both throughout the summer and did not realize all of the progress being made. I came into my sophomore year very excited. I ended up clearing 10ft and placing 4th at one meet by the end of the season. I saw how much progress I made and wanted to continue. I continued doing camps and improving. By the end of my junior year I cleared 11ft 6in. I was named the team’s most improved athlete. I also became the conference champion. I was looking forward to my senior year. The only thing on my mind was “break the school record”. So I doubled the amount of camps and the intensity level. My senior year was filled with a bunch of success. I was named the field athlete of the year. I won the conference championship for the 2nd time. I became the 2016 Tru Team Section Champion. I am the current school record holder with a vault of 13ft 11in. I am a 2016 State Participant and placed in the top ten male vaulters in the state.

Now the real question, why did I enjoy pole vault so much that I was willing to sacrifice everything I had into it? On my track team I did not have a coach, pit, poles, or any resources. I was able to get the school a pit and poles. I was willing to buy and make equipment for the pole vault program. I sacrificed my time at practice to be the coach to my fellow athletes.

My “why” is my teammates and athletes. Seeing the huge smile on their face when they set a PR. Or hugging the athlete that just broke the school record for the girls for the 5th time. Also picking them up when they are down in the dumps. They are my reason why I love pole vault so much. So let me ask you, what is your why?

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Article submitted by: Jon Hammerschmidt

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