JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Region 8 will have it’s own Olympic contender chasing the Gold in London. Jeremy Scott a pole-vaulter will leave Wednesday and start officially competing next week.

We caught up with Scott at the Bell Athletic Center where he trains under Olympic medalist Earl Bell. Scott says he would have really liked to march in the opening ceremonies. “You know there’s still so much work yet to be done. There’s still a few things I want to get done training wise.” Scott said. Scott gives full credit to Earl Bell for helping him to get a shot at a medal. “He’s a genius.” Scott Said. “He takes something that is really complicated that’s got so many different moving parts and he’s able to break it down in a way that is easy to understand.”

Scott spent a portion of Friday afternoon helping to register young pole vaulters at a weekend training sessions. 3 days of learning the ups and downs of the sport. The young people come in from all over the nation and at all levels of experience.

14-year old Bernice Ford is from Pomapno Beach, Florida. She just got into pole vaulting last year. “My track coach nudged me into it. ” she said. “I was a really fast runner. He wanted me to do it so I tried it and I liked it.” As we talked her eyes looked up to the walls where former students have marked with their names and their heights they were able to achieve.

“What made you come here?” we asked. “We were coming here for a reunion and the dates fell just right and I was also told that Olympians train here and I thought that was pretty cool. ” Ford said.

Scott says he is not ashamed to brag on Earl Bell. “I tell this to everybody. ” he said. “I don’t think Earl is the best coach in the area, the state or the country. I think he is the best coach in the world.”

The young vaulters must agree, the license plates of the vehicles in the parking lot reflect people coming from all corners of the county to learn.

There are only three men on the American Olympic team, they compete against the best of the best. Scott says however there is a tougher competitor.

“Pole vaulting is ultimately about competing against yourself and making sure you do the things that you need to do.” Scott said. “I agree” Bernice said. “When you know what you’re doing and you are vaulting good, it’s really fun.”



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