What? Josh Brolin Pole Vaulting

Josh Brolin has been doing a lot of press lately for his new movie Gangster Squad and of course everyone is asking him about his arrest for public intoxication.

The 44-year-old says the worst thing about his New Year’s Eve arrest was his mug shot. He told David Letterman, “You see this shot of me like this [makes scowl]. And they don’t show you the other shot where I turn and have a huge smile on my face. So you know, whatever … The police were very sweet to me, actually.”

RumorFix tracked down that other mug shot and you can now see it here.

Josh, who plays a cop in his new movie, was taken into custody before midnight and and got out of jail seven hours later.

He joked with Letterman saying, “It was pretty uneventful – I was pole-vaulting down the street having fun, skipping, I was wearing a tutu and had high heels on.”


Josh Brolin Vaulter Magazine
Josh Brolin Vaulter Magazine

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