Every Sunday, Boston Globe photographer Stan Grossfeld asks the subject of one of his photos to explain what’s happening in the shot.

Who’s up today: Olympic hopeful Jordan Scott, competing in the pole vault at the New Balance Boston Indoor Grand Prix at the Reggie Lewis Center, Feb. 2, 2013.

Scott: “Two years ago, I was having a rough season indoor and my coach and I decided to start having more fun. And this is what I came up with: I dyed my hair and PR-ed a lot, and then I jumped 18-9. Then I had to keep dyeing it and now I’m pretty much known for it. People remember me and it works. They say, ‘Hey man, what’s up with the hair?’ and then they say, ‘Awesome, good luck.’ I do a lot of Twitter contests asking for good hair design ideas because I change it up for every meet. So if someone gives me a good idea, I use it and then give them some sort of prize for it. When I’m going up and over, I’m thinking of every single objective that I have to accomplish. I try not to think about not hitting the bar or ‘You can’t miss this.’ I just think about keeping the body tight. Relax, be fluid, and no negatives. I’ve got my cues and objectives and I just try to repeat those in my head so nothing else clouds it.”

From: http://bostonglobe.com/sports/2013/02/10/stan-grossfeld-what-they-were-thinking/NW9BoHgLoBfPmGlA9a2kiK/story.html

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