Sorry, ladies, Olympic decathlon athlete and new silver medalist for Team USA, Trey Hardee, 28, isn’t just passionate about his workout — it turns out he has a longtime girlfriend, pole vaulter Chelsea Johnson, 28, who is just as into sports as her man.

Johnson is a world pole vaulting silver medalist for the USA in the 2009 Berlin World Championship games. Earlier this year, Hardee posted a congratulatory message to Johnson after on of her competition. “This is what my girlfriend does for a living!!!” he wrote with a link to the event. “Awesome job @chelsrosej !!!!!!”

When nice guy Hardee was asked who he would invite over to his house if he could have any five dinner party guests in the world, Johnson was at the top of his list, according to SpikesMagazine. “I’d have Chelsea Johnson because she throws the best dinner parties and would make healthy food,” Hardee said. Also on his list? John Mayer, 1912 Olympic decathlon champion Jim Thorpe, Leonardo da Vinci and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When Hardee and Johnson are not training hard for competitions, they like to spend their summers in Austin, Texas, leisurely playing soccer, paddleboarding and biking, which Hardee finds “mentally” relaxing, reports Track & Field News. “No deadlines.”


Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson

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