That one word summarizes the feelings that Williamsburg High School graduate Wyatt Lefker had earlier this year, just after clinching the Horizon League pole vault championship for Youngstown State.

“It didn’t feel real,” Lefker said. “It felt like a dream. The last jump at 4.95 [meters]…when I cleared that bar, it felt like a dream. The entire place was shaking because of how loud people were screaming.”

It wasn’t a smooth transition from high school to college for Lefker, athletically. It took some time for him to adjust to the new level.

“It started a little bit rough,” Lefker said. “I wasn’t really improving too much from high school. I think there was an adjustment period for me, getting used to the training program and how those adjustments worked out for me. I had to get used to the program, but once it clicked, it clicked.”

There were several reasons Lefker chose the Youngstown State program, but athletics are only part of the story.

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