World-Class Pole Vaulting: Thiago Braz, Piotr, Lightfoot to Compete at World Athletics Indoor Tour Gold Meetings

The World Athletics Indoor Tour Gold meetings are some of the most highly-anticipated events in the pole vaulting world, as they bring together some of the best vaulters from around the globe to compete at the highest level.

One of the top vaulters, Thiago Braz, the Olympic champion in 2016, will be looking to defend his title and secure a win at these competitions. He will be facing stiff competition from KC Lightfoot, Raphael Holzdeppe, Ernest John Obiena, and Piotr Lisek, who are all known for their impressive performances in pole vaulting. The fans can expect to see some exciting and intense competition as these athletes push themselves to new heights.

The Karlsruhe meeting on January 27th and the Torun meeting on February 8th will be a great opportunity for fans to see these top vaulters in action and to witness world-class pole vaulting. The Karlsruhe meeting is the first of the seven World Indoor Tour Gold meetings in 2023, while the Torun meeting is the third event on this year’s calendar. The competition will be fierce as these athletes strive to come out on top and secure a win at these prestigious events.

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