Junior Brooke Wright qualified for the State Track Meet in pole vault with a strong showing at the regional track meet last weekend.

Her journey to the pole vault pit started almost seven years ago when her father Lyle Wright, a former pole-vaulter himself, saw her potential.

“I remember her starting out in fifth grade using a closet rod as a pole and vaulting on a home-made pole vault pit in the back yard,” Lyle said. “I saw that she had the potential and eagerness to learn, so I’ve been working with her ever since.”

The work has paid off as Brooke has progressed every year since the seventh grade, when she first cleared 8’0”. She cleared 9’0” in eighth grade, 9’6” as a freshman and 10’0” as a sophomore. Brooke is a multi-sport athlete, so she must do in half a year what most pole-vaulters spend the entire year working on.

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