Havana, Cuba –ESTABLISHING herself as an elite pole vaulter is no doubt Yarisley Silva’s goal during the coming athletics season.Cuba’s Olympic silver medalist could possibly be performing on the stages of the world’s great theaters as a ballerina, instead of soaring pole in hand. Ballet was her great passion as a small girl, but a comment about her body type, made during recruitment testing, led her to choose athletics at nine years of age.

Good for her, and all Cubans, otherwise we might not be talking today about Yarisley as our Pan American champion, our Summer Olympics silver medalist and the national record-holder with a 4.75 meter vault.It was Coach Isidoro, at Manuel Ascunce Elementary School, in her native province of Pinar del Río, who got her started. Later, at the national sports academy (EIDE), her aunt María de la Caridad supported her. She made the national team in 2002, at 15 years of age with a record of 3.60 meters.

from: http://www.granma.cu/ingles/sports-i/6dic-Yarisley-Silva.html

Yarisley Silva

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