Young Reporter: Sutton Pole Vaulter leads UK Rankings

‘Under 15 UK Number One’ titleholder, Shaye Emmett attends Sutton High School and is now in her second year of training as a Pole Vaulter. The idea to become a Pole Vaulter first came about when Shaye watched a training session taking place whilst she was at a birthday party. However, at the time Shaye was involved in gymnastics but realized that she wanted to make the switch to Pole Vaulting. With the help of her gymnastics coach Shaye was able to do this, as instructor ‘Sue Dassie’ is great friends with Allan Williams. Allan is not only British Team Coach (Vertical Jumps) World Junior Championships 2014 and also England Athletics National Coach Mentor (Pole Vault) London & South East England, but a great inspiration to Shaye and mentor that she looks up to. Shaye was put in contact with Allan for a trial session and he soon made it clear to Shaye that she had a natural ability for the sport. This has encouraged Shaye to further her experience in the event by attending multiple competitions all over the country and gaining numerous titles to go along with it.

Shaye’s first competition was on the 17th of March 2013 in which she jumped a height of 2.32 metres.  By the end of the season, Shaye was jumping 2.60 metres improving her personal best. After a hard winters training Shaye began the indoor season with a great result at the ‘Vault London Competition’ achieving a height of 3.32 metres gaining seven personal bests in one competition. During the course of the season Shaye attained gold in each of the following competitions: The Surrey Indoor Championships, South of England Outdoor Championships and Vault Cardiff Competition. However, her best accomplishment of the season was winning the England Under 15 Indoor title in Sheffield in March.

Shaye completed her season at the Jim Day Memorial Event hosted by her coach in September in which a film crew shadowed Shaye and other competitors throughout the day. They shot Shaye not only throughout her competition but also a feature called ‘Learn how to Pole Vault’ in which she stars; this feature was shown on World of Athletics, BT sport 2 and ESPN.  Shaye is currently in winter training and will move up to the Under 17 category in January where she will compete alongside strong competition that have more experience in the event. However, Shaye says, “I believe this will help me achieve greater heights in the forthcoming season and with the support I receive from Allan there should be a lot more to look forward to!”

By Charley Emmett



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